“I Can Innovate” A Workshop at Umm Al Quwain Book Fair

Within the activities of the second day of Umm Al Quwain Book Fair 2019, Umm Al Quwain University organized a workshop entitled (I Can Innovate) on the importance of innovation and its role in the development of society.  The workshop was given by Mr. Maan Saati, Lecturer of Innovation and Head of General Education Department, and Mr. Abdullah Farhan, General Registrar at the College. 
Mr. Maan Al Saati started his speech by quoting HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, saying that “talent, creativity and innovation do not continue without development and care, and providing the right environment for them.” Al Saati spoke about the role played by Umm Al Quwain University in Motivating students and urging them to adopt innovative thinking in different issues; He praised the UAE's great attention to innovation and nurturing innovative minds.
Mr. Abdullah Farhan spoke about the impact of innovation on governments and peoples, and considered innovation as a locomotive pushing people to renaissance, and unlocking students’ potential towards construction. Mr. Farhan highlighted the importance given by the college to innovation and its policy to make the majority of its courses innovative ones, and encourage students to put forward their innovative ideas, and nurture them, for the benefit of all humanity.