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Previously: Assistant Professor at the College of Law at Ajman University. Assistant Professor of Law at the College of Law at Damascus University and the Virtual University and Open Education in Damascus and Homs, in Syria, and a practicing lawyer and pleading before various courts and before the Court of Cassation in Syria.

Achieved PhD in private law and criminal sciences from the University of Paris X 2004, the doctoral thesis in French entitled: “Arbitration Decisions Execution in the Arab Mashreq countries compared to French law.

Among my publications: The book “Explanation of the UAE Civil Procedures Law and its Regulations”, and many legal and scientific researches published in the fields of Civil Procedures, Forced Execution and Arbitration, including recently a research: “Single Session Circuits - Analytical Study” accepted for publication in the Journal “Dirasat: Sharia and Law Sciences” On 10-4-2022.

Participant in many international, regional and local conferences, scientific courses, seminars and workshops, including: Participation in the work of the scientific conference held at Umm Al Quwain University in December 2021, and presenting a working paper on "Using remote communication technology in Civil Cases". Participation in the International Scientific Conference “Half a Century of Legislative Developments in the United Arab Emirates” University of Sharjah 2022...

Co-chair and member of several academic and administrative committees; Including: Umm Al Quwain University Committee for Transfer and Equivalency, Umm Al Quwain University Committee for Scientific Research and Development, and Students' graduation research discussion committees …

Principal and assistant supervisor on researches of a number of master's students at Ajman University, a diploma in private law at Damascus University, And lawyers research required to move to the table of professors lawyers in Syria.

Participant in the discussion committees for a number of master's researches at Ajman University and the University of Sharjah, and postgraduate diplomas at Damascus University.

Research achievement: My name and that of Umm Al Quwain University was published in the World University Rankings for Researchers and Universities for the year 2022 "World Scientist and University Rankings 2022" issued by "AD Scientific Index 2022”.