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About the College

The College of Law is one of the colleges affiliated to Umm Al Quwain University, UAQU, which is located in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, the emirate that is distinguished for its strategic location in the United Arab Emirates. There is no doubt that the tremendous growth in the areas of trade, industry, education, tourism, housing, international trade, and other activities makes this emirate an attractive destination for many people to work and live there. In this sense,, Umm Al Quwain University was established announcing various colleges, including the College of Law, to be a distinct scientific edifice, and to use the latest advanced scientific and technical means, emanating from the best education systems in the world, to achieve the university’s vision, aspirations, and goals. The college prepares its students to join the labor market, enhance their team spirit, competitiveness and creativity, and enable them to use modern and advanced means to achieve the distinguished role in education field. We always strive to develop methods, scientific programs, and research projects within the framework of the university's strategic development plan through offering new postgraduate programs, enhancing students' cognitive, and social communication skills through participation in community activities, Cultural clubs and volunteer work to graduate highly-skilled students who are able to face challenges and compete in the job market


Dean’s Speech

The College of Law at Umm Al Quwain University welcomes your visit to the university's website, which aims to facilitate access for those wishing to communicate with the college to obtain sufficient information about the College of Law and the study programs that it offers or that it will provide in the future. The need has emerged from qualifying young calibers of both genders, and this is what the College of Law has taken upon itself to prepare calibers who will be provided with basic legal knowledge, experience, and skills in all different branches of law. According to the latest learning methods, through modern technologies, in addition to our focus in the College of Law on the applied practical side, in line with the university's mission and objectives, which is manifested in providing qualified and trained calibers to provide the domestic labor market, and the College of Law is not satisfied with theoretical knowledge; Rather, the student concludes his studies by employing the sciences that he acquired during his studies through field training in a court or related government institutions in a way that expresses his ability to benefit from the sciences and knowledge that he obtains in practical application on the ground. The College of Law will establish a new postgrad programs (Master's) to achieve the university's mission in community service. The college also works through excellent calibers of college members with academic and professional experience.
Dr. Abdulghani Qassem Muthna
Dean College of Law

Bachelor's Programs

Bachelor of Law


Master's Programs

  • Master in Public Law
  • Master in Private Law
  • Master in Criminal Sciences
  • Master in Arbitration

Credit Hours

 135 Hours Divided over 4 Years.


Program language

The language of instruction in the program is Arabic


Career Opportunities

  • Judicial Work
  • Prosecution
  • Lawyer
  • Legal Affairs in Companies and Institutions


Admission Requirements for the Bachelor of Law

  • Attested UAE General Secondary School Certificate with an average of 70% for the elite track, 75% for the advanced track, or 80% for the general track, or its equivalent.
  • A copy of the Emirates ID card.
  • Six recent personal photos measuring (3 x 4), and the name (first and second and surname) to be written behind each photo.
  • Fill out the admission application provided by the admission and registration.
  • A copy of a valid passport with a copy of residence for non-nationals of the United Arab Emirates or the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  • Certificate of good conduct.
  • Requirement for a certificate of proficiency in English for one of the following certificates, according to the minimum level corresponding to each of them, or equivalent certificates accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation:
    • IELTS exam certificate: 4.5
    • TOEFL ITP Certificate:450 
    • TOEFL IBT Certificate:45 
    • TOEFL CBT :133
    • EmSAT exam certificate: 950
    • Linguaskill exam certificate: B1
    • Or pass a remedial English course offered by the university.
  • EmSAT Mathematics Proficiency Certificate with a minimum score of 600, or to pass a remedial mathematics course offered by the university.
  • The student passes the personal interview.

General Notes:

  1. A student who does not meet the above conditions can register in the alternative qualifying courses at the university (English and Mathematics) and pass the course in order to drop the admission requirement for the required proficiency exam.
  2. Note that these qualifying courses are not counted within the academic program, cumulative average, and hours passed.


Learning Outcomes

  • Define the basic rules of law, especially the law of the UAE.
  • Deduces provisions from legal texts.
  • Explain the differences between legislation.
  • Interprets legal provisions according to the rules of interpretation.
  • Fluent in using modern technologies in private scientific research in legal studies.
  • Drafting contracts, lawsuit papers, memorandum and legal appeals.


Study Plan

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Program Structure

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Course Description

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