Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling

The Umm Al Quwain University (UAQU) academic advising mission is to foster and promote evoking the potential of students to grow to their fullest academic capabilities in fulfilling their personal needs and in playing a pivotal role in the growth and development of society.  To this end, academic policies and procedures adhere to the philosophy and pedagogy of our student embedded mission. 

The core objective of the UAQU Academic Advising Program is to assist students in the process of development of their educational endeavors. Academic advising should nurture personal talents of students, promote their professional values and pave the road for reaching their goals and career plans.  These guiding principles serve as the cornerstone for a dynamic strategy aimed at the continuous enhancement and improvement of the advising process and interactions between students, faculty and administrators.

Because academic advising is an essential component in a successful learning process and is intended for the well-being of students, our University is committed to providing students with the best possible services.  Academic advising is a two-way that involves an advisor and advisee.   For this process to be fruitful, the academic advisor and the student should be responsible, cooperative and recognize mutual interests.  The ongoing advising process should have blueprints to ensure at least the following:

  1. Courses are taken in the right sequence and according to the curriculum.
  2. Number of credits per semester is taken into consideration.
  3. Co-requisites and pre-requisites are met.
  4. All procedures and registration requirements are met and within the rules and regulations set by UAQU.
  5. Students who pursue genuine intellectual growth, sound career choices, and efficient time management are the ultimate tangible outcomes of the overall educational process. 

The advisor guides the students along the path of success.  However, the students are the ultimate party that holds the keys to success.  They should take the initiative in following through on the recommendations of the advisor.  The advisor is responsible for seeing that students successfully complete curricular requirements and should maintain accurate records of student progress towards fulfilling degree requirements.

Contact Information

College of Law

Phone Email Rank Staff Name
134 Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulghani Qasem Muthanna Taher
133 Associate Professor Dr. Saad Ali Ahmed Ramadan
133 Associate Professor Dr. Mhd Samer Taoufik Al Kattan
109 Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Sarhan Krati
109 Assistant Professor Dr. Fowad Ali Ali Al Kohaly
104 Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Essa Ali Zeraee Aljasmi


College of Business Administration

Phone Email Rank Staff Name
132 Professor Prof. Magdi Ahmed  Elbannany
157 Professor Prof. Attiea Abdelhay Marie
157 Assistant Professor Dr. Sameh Mohamed Abdelhay
109 Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammad Salem Khalaf Oudat


College of Arts & Sciences

Phone Email Rank Staff Name
109 Assistant Professor Dr. Rabeah Taleb Thabit Abadl


College of Mass Communication

Phone Email Rank Staff Name
135 Associate Professor Dr.Haitham Abdulrahman Ahmed Alaawad
152 Professor Prof. Wafaa Abdelkhalek Tharwat Hassan
133 Professor Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Fyadh
180 Associate Professor Dr.Elsir Ali Saad Mohamed
109 Associate Professor Dr. Abdulkrim Ajami Hussin Ziani
133 Assistant Professor Dr. Bahaeldin Ali Bashir Hamid
157 Assistant Professor Dr. Ahd M. M. Abudraz