English Language & Translation

Dean’s Speech
It is my great pleasure to welcome you at the College of Arts and Science (COAS) at the Umm Al Quwain University.
Twenty-first century students sometimes wonder how such traditional education fits in with a realm that is increasingly technical and that serves highly specialized markets. COAS educates the whole mind and prepares students to be effective decision makers who can see and evaluate the larger picture.
In the COAS, the students are educated  with recognized scholars and researchers who are committed to academic excellence and to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals, and the personal interaction between faculty and students is a true hallmark in the college.
 The college has a stimulating learning environment which enhances personal growth, develops knowledge, and leads to success and distinction. The COAS rich diversity will provide students opportunities to build their critical thinking and communication skills, cultivate intellect and creativity, and help them develop empathy and sense of working for the common good.
The College currently offers one program “Bachelor of English language and translation”, the program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education. The main objective of this program is to raise the students’ level in the four language skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening as well as their ability in translation considering the ever-increasing demand for technically competent, professionally qualified and trained professionals.
 To meet the needs of the region in translation and other fields where English is required, the English Language and Translation Program present  programs, developed to help students to achieve the high levels of communicative competence in English; be familiar with the major theories and trends in linguistics, and the application of linguistic principles and findings to such areas as phonetics, phonology, morphology, discourse analysis; study English Literature from a critical and creative perspective; receive theoretical and practical training in translation from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English. Graduates can look forward to career choices in fields such as translation, education, advertising and marketing but the main career for them as translators. They also can work as copywriters, editors and public relation.
When you engage yourself in these rich academic and extracurricular experiences, your life will be impacted in positive and memorable ways.
Dr. Rabeah Taleb
Acting Dean