Mass Communication

Dean’s Speech, 
On behalf of myself, faculty members, administrators, technicians, and students of the College of Mass Communication, we welcome you to the website of Umm Al Quwain University.
The College of Mass Communication was initially accredited in 2014, and since then, it has achieved a rapid growth in the number of students, faculty members and various facilities. It has worked hard to provide high levels of excellence in the fields of scientific research, community service, education and training.
The College of Mass Communication offers a degree at undergraduate level in, Public Relations, New Media, and Journalism. Each of these specializations has a distinguished and qualified group of faculty members, who spare no effort in effectively participating in improving the college's programs Efficiency, in addition to our students who are great in all fields of communication. The College of Mass Communication obtained the final accreditation from the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates on June 27, 2019, that achievement was the result of the great effort and hard work of all UAQU employees.
The college has a number of facilities and various educational structures that include laboratories for desktop publishing, graphic design, multimedia and other educational aids that meet professional standards in this field.
Study plans that reflect a wide range of specializations including, organizational communication, digital media, communication studies, graphic design, multimedia, journalism, public relations and media studies. Regardless of the students’ major, they all need to learn some personal skills like, writing, critical thinking, creativity and innovation.
We, faculty members at the College of Mass Communication at Umm Al Quwain University, work hard and conscientiously to contribute to making a bright future for our students.
I invite you all to have more information and details about the college through UAQU’s website. 
Associate Professor of Journalism and Public Relations
Dr. Haitham Abdul Rahman Al-Samarrai
Dean of the College of Mass Communication