Continuing Education Center

Continuing Education Center

The Continuing Education Center at Umm Al Quwain University was established to highlight the university’s role in community service and build effective partnerships with public and private institutions aiming to achieve the vision of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates in facilitating sustainable development and achieving its goals.

Continuing education programs are designed to contribute effectively to meeting the needs of institutions and individuals and any other sectors in the community through developing the individuals’ skills and providing them with new knowledge and experiences.

The Continuing Education Center at Umm Al Quwain University offers training courses, workshops, seminars and professional diplomas that will contribute effectively to enriching the knowledge of community members, and enhancing their skills and experiences to enable them to actively contribute to the community building process.



UAQU Continuing Education Centre aspires to become one of the most prominent vocational education institutions in the United Arab Emirates, and to be recognized throughout the Middle East.


UAQU Continuing Education Centre mission is to train and educate its students, and prepare them to meet the challenges of the educational and cultural needs, through the provision of public services and proper training courses. The centre also seeks to provide the best educational and cultural means needed by both the community and students.


  • Engage in strategic partnerships with institutions in the industry, including public and private sectors to meet the labor market needs.
  • Provide high quality professional training programs that meet national and international standards and meet the community needs.
  • Provide students with sufficient knowledge, skills and competencies to get successful professional careers in their fields of specialization.
  • Recruit and retain highly qualified and experienced faculty and staff who encourage the development of creativity and innovation
  • Plan and provide professional development, continuing education, and lifelong learning opportunities to student, staff, and faculty as an integral part of the center's activities.
  • Promote excellence and innovation in teaching and learning, including extra-curricular activities.
  • Develop an appropriate infrastructure for research and scholarship and the ability to become an ideal professional institution.

Targeted Audience

  • First and Second grades leaders.
  • Employees from the middle management category.
  • New Employees
  • Fresh Graduates.


  • General Training Courses
  • Accredited Training Courses
  • Internal Courses
  • Guidance for executives and professional

Training Areas

  • Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Business and Management
  • Leadership and Personal Skills
  • Project Management
  • Finance, Auditing and Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Information Security
  • Training of Trainers
  • Strategic and Operational planning
  • English Language
  • Arabic for Non-Arabs

Contact Details

Continuing Education Center at Umm Al Quwain University

Phone: 067069000 / 067665597 / 0565025239


Maan Youssof Al Saati

Continuing Education Center Manager