Campus Facilities

Main Building

UAQU administrative building is a one- floor building in a circular shape with a dome in the middle. It contains the university chancellor’s office, attached to a meeting room, in addition to the administrative offices such as the Admission and Registration Department, Information Technology, Human Resources Department, Media Center, Institutional Communication Department, Internal Audit, Finance Department, in addition to an auditorium. The administrative building has all service facilities such as a buffet for employees.

Academic Building

The academic building consists of the ground floor and two upper floors. The ground floor is designated to be classrooms, in addition to service facilities for students such as a clinic, restrooms for male and female students, the men’s prayer room, and a sports hall.

The first floor contains a Digital Photography Studio, a Digital Journalism Lab, the staff lounge, in addition to the innovation hall which is also used for activities and events. This floor also has the female prayer room.

The second floor contains the offices of the deans of the colleges, faculty members, in addition to the office of institutional effectiveness, and the Student Services Center. On the second floor there is also a meeting room, and the library.


The library is located on the second floor of the academic building. It contains more than 4,300 titles in Law, Business Administration, Mass Communication, Arts and Science, with more than 6,190 copies, in addition to 5,000 titles in databases. UAQU library has a study area equipped with more than 60 computers, another area can accommodate more than one hundred students, in addition to a room for reading, which accommodates about ten students.

Prayer Rooms

Umm Al Quwain University has two prayer rooms in the academic building, one on the ground floor for men and the other on the first floor for women, each of them can accommodate more than 50 people at the same time.


The main building of the university has a theater prepared with modern technical equipment, and a capacity for more than one hundred people, while the academic building has another theater (Innovation Hall) with a larger area, digital equipment and a capacity for more than 300 people.

Computer Labs

There are more than 100 computers for students to be used within the university campus. Computer labs are used for various purposes in the academic building as follows:

Academic Building First Floor :

  • Digital Photography Studio
  • Digital Journalism Lab
  • Each laboratory has 20 to 25 computers equipped with software that enables students to apply the practical side of their study, in addition to an 86-inch smart board.

Academic Building, Second Floor :

  • Computer Lab  LAB 01
  • Computer Lab LAB 02
  • Computer Lab LAB 03

Health and Safety

Students’ convenience and health are ones of the university major priorities, therefore, the university has assigned two medical clinics, one for men and the other for women. These clinics are equipped with all medical aids to provide primary health care until the patient is sent to the medical unit or the specialized hospital.

Activity Hall

As part of its commitment to enhancing the well-being of its students, the University of Umm Al Quwain provides a dedicated activity hall. This hall is located on the ground floor of the academic building and offers a suitable environment for students to enjoy various games and interact with each other.


Several restaurants offering a variety of cuisines to suit all tastes are available in the university's academic building. The building includes two restaurants on the first floor and a café on the ground floor. Additionally, a seating area provides students with the opportunity to dine and enjoy their meals.

Lounge Room

Located on the ground floor of the academic building, there are two lounge rooms designated for relaxation, one for females and the other for males. Students can rest in these rooms, which also feature lockers for securely storing their personal belongings.