Student Council

Student Council

Student councils stand for student committees elected through free voting for all university students to achieve the goals described in the student council's controls and procedures under the regulations, provisions, and laws in force in the university and the higher education system in the United Arab Emirates.

The student councils allow students to develop their leadership skills, solve problems and enhance their communication skills by organizing and setting up various university activities and service projects to serve the educational process. The council members represent the university students by attending meetings with senior management members constantly to convey students' ideas, interests, and suggestions to the university's senior management.


Council Vision

An effective student council supporting the educational process and community service.


Council Mission

Contribute to supporting students in the fields of education and student activities, and strengthening the link between students and the university administration.


Students’ Council Tasks

  • Contribute to strengthening the relationship between the university and its students.
  • Participate in organizing internal and external events and activities.
  • Identify the university's achievements and activities and help students to do so.
  • Activate participation in spreading awareness among students.
  • Coordinate the preparation of med-term and final exam schedules and assemble other students' opinions.
  • Adopting students' suggestions that contribute to improving the educational process.
  • Discuss the concerns and difficulties experienced by the students.