Student Services

The Student Services Center develops the services provided by Umm Al Quwain University to students and supervises their affairs and needs.
The center includes the following departments:

Students’ Activities Department

(Activities - Events – Workshops - Seminars)
The Students’ Activities Department assists both professors and students in different ways.
The main objective of this department is to provide a set of extra-curricular programs and activities that contribute to the development of the academic experience of students at the undergraduate level.
And help students to develop through cultural and heritage programs, sports, and entertainment.
Sports’ Activities Department
UAQU is keen on the participation of its students in internal and external sports activities and the organization of competitions and courses at the university level, in addition to participating in several championships at the level of universities within the country, and participation, activities, and friendly matches at the Gulf and Arab generally level.
And this is due to the benefits of sports activities in raising physical fitness and maintaining the general health of students.
Students’ Council
The Students’ Council constitutes a forum in which students express their opinions.
The students are the ones who select the council members. The council operates within the laws of the United Arab Emirates and follows the procedures approved by Umm Al Quwain University.
The council performs several activities, including:
1. Streamlining communication between the university administration and students, and conveying their interests and aspirations to the college administration.
2. Helping the university to choose programs that meet students' needs.
3. Student elections shall be conducted according to the system followed at Umm Al Quwain University.

Suggestions and Complaints Department

The Student Services Center welcomes all proposals put forward by university students.
The center’s door is open to all student complaints within a confidential mechanism for these proposals and complaints to ensure a distinguished level of services for all Umm Al Quwain University students