Student Services

Student Services

Your Partner in Academic and Professional Success

The Student Support Services Center is a key companion for students in their academic and professional journey. It aims to empower them to achieve success by providing moral support and integrated services that contribute to their personal development and educational advancement.

Our Services:


1. New Student Support:

  • Organizing orientation meetings to introduce students to the university, its programs, and services.
  • Helping students adapt to university life.
  • Building positive social relationships among students.


2. Professional Workshops, Courses, and Job Fair:

  • Connecting students with potential employers.
  • Helping students find suitable job opportunities.
  • Preparing students for the job market.


3. Alumni Association:

  • Strengthening communication between the university and its alumni.
  • Helping alumni find suitable job opportunities.
  • Providing support to alumni in their professional careers.
  • Encouraging the exchange of experiences.