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Specialization      :             Law and comparative jurisprudence   

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Ph.D. in Law and Comparative Jurisprudence with a very good degree, University of Islamic Sciences in 2012, Master of Law and Comparative Jurisprudence with a very good degree Al-Azhari University in 2009, Bachelor of Religion with a good degree at Yarmouk University in 2001, former lecturer at Ajman University School of Law and University of Sharjah Faculty of Law, with several types of research, including Research entitled "Women's Rights working in Uae law, a study compared to Islamic jurisprudence," Mansoura University School of Law. The research entitled "Genetic fingerprint and its impact on the proof and exile of descent in Emirati law is a study compared to Islamic jurisprudence" Faculty of Law Sultan Qaboos University. The research entitled "The legality of surrogacy is a comparative, doctrinal study" was accepted for publication in the Journal of Positive School Psychology, in addition to attending many development workshops and international conferences and participating in many volunteer events to serve the community.