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Dr. Elsir Ali Saad Mohamed is a respected Associate Professor of New Media and UI/UX Design at Umm Al Quwain University. With over twenty years of experience in both teaching and research, he has developed a strong specialization in journalism, public relations, and multimedia. Dr. Mohamed received his Ph.D. in New Media Technology from the Sudan Academy of Science in 2011, having produced a thesis entitled "The Electronic Newspaper and the Future of the Printed Newspapers."

Dr. Mohamed's impressive career has included several notable positions, including Senior Officer at the National Information Center in Sudan, Head of Department at Al Baraka Insurance CO, and founder of Quickstep Media Center. He joined Umm Al Quwain University in 2016 as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2020.

Dr. Mohamed is a prolific author who has published a range of articles in reputable journals. His work has addressed topics such as new media complexities, media consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic, graphic design elements' communicative dimension, and the role of social media in student awareness. His articles have been featured in notable publications, including the Brazilian Journal of Science, Central European Management Journal, and the Emirati Journal of Business, Economics, and Social Studies.

As a seasoned academic and researcher, Dr. Mohamed is committed to the pursuit of excellence in the fields of new media, UI/UX design, and digital communication. He is passionate about mentoring students and reviewing scholarly papers, and his leadership at Umm Al Quwain University reflects this commitment to academic excellence.

Dr. Mohamed is an active member of several professional associations, including the Sudanese Public Relations Union, Sudanese Journalists Union, and ISOC. He has also served on the editorial boards of international journals and participated in conference organizing committees. Dr. Mohamed's contributions to the academic community have been significant, and his expertise in the field of new media is widely respected.