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Specialization      :             Digital Journalism and Media    

Short biography

In 2021, I joined the Faculty of Mass Communication at Umm Al Quwain University in 2021,
holds a PhD in Media and Communication Sciences from Grenoble University, France 2007.
University professor since 2001 at Al-Fateh University (currently Tripoli) Libya until 2012,
University of Bahrain from 2012-2020. Editor-in-chief of the Africa News Portal since 2013,
and previously held the position of director of the Libyan Al-Badeel satellite channel
(government channel) 2009-2011. He worked as an advisor to the head of the Libyan Foreign
Information Authority (a government body) in 2011. I assumed the position of Deputy
Director of the project for the development of Libyan satellite channels and complementary
projects (a government project of the Libyan National Security Council) in 2010. Published
more than 30 research papers in Arabic and English in specialized international journals,
including 16 research within the Scopus database, and published seven books in the field of
media and communication sciences and politics.