English Language and Translation program aims to provide the students with a comprehensive, innovative and student-centered English Language and Translation program using world-class facilities applying the latest technologies to ensure excellence in translation practice. The teaching/learning approach is based on directed self-learning, analytic and critical thinking, experiential learning and self/peer editing.

English Language and Translation program provides the students with the knowledge and skills to successfully face challenges in a systemic academic manner that shall evolve continuously to meet developments. The program offered is dynamic and flexible to address new challenges. In addition, translation training will enhance the students’ translation skills under the supervision of qualified and dedicated faculties, staff and specialists.

To meet the needs of the region in translation and other fields where English is required, the College of Arts and Sciences presents English Language and Translation program to help students to achieve high levels of communicative competence in English; be familiar with the major theories and trends in linguistics, and the application of linguistic principles and findings to such areas as phonetics, phonology, lexis, morphology, discourse analysis, contrastive analysis and stylistics; study English Literature from a critical and creative perspective; receive theoretical and practical training in translation from English into Arabic and vice versa in literary and non-literary texts; and employ Critical & Analytical Thinking used in problem solving and decision making affairs. Furthermore, be prepared for postgraduate studies in language, linguistics, and translation.

Credential: Bachelors Degree

Duration: 4 years
Credit Hours: 123
Tuition Fee:    (See detailed fee structure here)
Class Timings: Morning and Evening 
Medium of Instruction: English