The College of Law is one of the colleges affiliated to Umm Al Quwain University, UAQU, which is located in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, the emirate that is distinguished for its strategic location in the United Arab Emirates. There is no doubt that the tremendous growth in the areas of trade, industry, education, tourism, housing, international trade, and other activities makes this emirate an attractive destination for many people to work and live there.
In this sense,, Umm Al Quwain University was established announcing  various colleges, including the College of Law, to be a distinct scientific edifice, and to use the latest advanced scientific and technical means, emanating from the best education systems in the world, to achieve the university’s vision, aspirations, and goals.
The college prepares its students to join the labor market, enhance their team spirit, competitiveness and creativity, and enable them to use modern and advanced means to achieve the distinguished role in education field. We always strive to develop methods, scientific programs, and research projects within the framework of the university's strategic development plan through offering  new postgraduate programs, enhancing students' cognitive,  and social communication skills through participation in community activities, Cultural clubs and volunteer work to graduate highly-skilled students who are  able to face challenges and compete in the job market