Chancellor of Umm Al Quwain University: The University Keeps Pace with the Latest Updates Issued by the Compliance, Control and Inspection Committee, Ministry of Education


Umm Al Quwain University Council, on its meeting which was held on Thursday, November 18, discussed the updated document issued by the department of Compliance, Control and Inspection in the Ministry of Education

Dr. Galal Hatem, Chancellor of the University, stressed that the university keeps pace with the updates issued by the Compliance, Control and Inspection Committee in the Ministry of Education, and said during the review of the updated document, that Umm Al Quwain University was a precedent in updating all evidence in accordance with the standards of the International Accreditation Commission 2011.

The chancellor of the University directed the concerned staff in various faculties follow what has been contained in the latest document regarding the proposed master's programs.

 Dr. Hani Bakr, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, reviewed the academic aspects, scientific research and development. He confirmed the documentation completion of procedures and questionnaires, in addition to updating the programs outcomes.

Mr. Mohamed Kamel Ibrahim discussed three aspects of risks and finance, he stressed the importance of  keeping documents up-to-date, and institution's compliance with the regulations and laws issued by the Commission for Academic Accreditation.