In a statement to Al Bayan newspaper, Prof. Galal Hatem, “Umm Al Quwain University Gets the Accreditation of the “Communication &Crisis, and Digital Journalism Programs”.

Prof. Galal Hatem the chancellor of Umm Al Quwain University, stated that the University augments its great efforts to improve its educational environment through launching new programs, including “Communication and Crisis” program. Dr. Hatem said that, this program is distinguished as it covers the nature of crises in their various forms and how to deal with them in the media field. The graduates of this program shall be provided with the future skills that enable them to deal with challenges based on scientific foundations. 
Prof. Galal Hatem confirmed that the university has completed the needed preparations for the second semester of the academic year Spring 2023-2024, as more than 270 new students joined the university this semester, bringing the total The number of students of the university’s colleges to 950. 
He added that this program” Communication &Crisis” comes as part of the university’s strategy to offer programs that meet the modern labour market needs. That usually happens after a deep and wide study of the market demand of these programs before academic accreditation.