Student Activities
UAQU acknowledges students activities as an integral part of their programs. It is assumed that the learning experiences are enriched by organized student activities. In addition, such activities provide an opportunity for students to express and develop their own talents and interests. Further, engaging in organized group activities will help students develop their social interaction skills, which is a very desirable quality for an individual living and working in a multicultural environment.
The University places great emphasis on extra-curricular activities. It seeks to help students to develop their abilities and make good use of their leisure time through forming student societies.

Student Council
The UAQU recognizes Student Association. It is entrusted with the responsibility of electing members to the Student Council. These elected members of the Council in collaboration with the office of Student Affairs supervise all student activities. The designated members of the Student Association take part the University Academic Council meetings and influence the decision making on matters related to academic programs of the University . The Student Association provides opportunity for students to organize a wide range of activities. The different types of student organizations such as clubs, societies, committees and department and class associations are established to organize various activities within the University and also to represent the University College in inter-College activities.

Student Societies
The UAQU supports formation of Student Societies in each academic department in an attempt to promote a friendly atmosphere on campus as well as to help enhance scholarship and achieve academic objectives. The Student Societies organize workshop, symposiums, exhibitions and lectures on various occasions.

Student Clubs
Student clubs are the other student bodies with definite academic or cultural theme established to enhance academic, cultural and social life of students on Campus.
The UAQU is committed to encourage Special Interest and Cultural Clubs in order to harness special interests and creativity of students.

Sports Services
UAQU offers a variety of sport facilities to students. The resources for sporting include availability of professional trainers to coach students. Adequate coaching help students expand their sport and athletic potential and participate in various inter-university competitions held in different Emirates in the UAE.

Sports teach us many other benefits too – such as teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, cooperation, dedication and decision-making.

It will help students gain vital experience and skills to lead them on the path to a brighter future because the lessons they learn from sports they can use later in life and work.