Student Service Centre

)Activities – Events – Workshops – Seminars(

Student Activity Section helps students, professors, graduates, and the whole community; to strive for excellence. The main objective of this section is to provide a range of extracurricular programs and activities that contribute to developing the students’ academic experience, and help them to intellectual growth and development through cultural and heritage activities and programs, Sports, entertainment, theater, fine art, and student organizations

Sports activity

UAQU is keen to involve its students in internal and external sports activities, and organize sports tournaments and competitions at the university level, where it participates in competitions at the level of local universities, as well as external participation in sports tournaments and friendly games at the Gulf and Arab level. Sports activity section at the university contributes to improving physical fitness and maintaining public health.


Student Services Center follows-up students’ transportation, where it works, in coordination with Finance Department to provide students with the best transportation from and to the university, whether in Umm Al Quwain or neighboring Emirates.


Alumni Section, a part of Student Services Center, aims to organize activities and events, and recruit alumni through organizing lectures to prepare them for the labor market, and periodic visits to employment exhibitions throughout the country.
  It seeks to have ongoing contact with UAQU’s graduates and strengthen their position in society through developing their skills and employ their competence.

It also works to promote the relationship between the university and its alumni and encourage them to cooperate with the university to achieve advancement and community service.
Alumni Section works on a periodic questionnaire to track the graduates’ affairs and ensure their career and professional status.

Suggestions & Complaints

Student Services Center welcomes all suggestions submitted by the university’s students. It is open to all students’ complaints within a special mechanism to ensure the level of distinguished services provided to all the university students.

Student Council     

The main objective of the student council is to create a forum for the students to express their views, where the council members are elected by students. The council works within the laws of the United Arab Emirates, and follows the procedures applicable and approved by the university.
Some of the Student’s Council tasks:

Communicate the students’ interests and objectives to the university administration.

Help the university to select programs that meet the students' needs.

Elections, Elections are held in accordance with the university system.