UAQU Media Center

Media Center at Umm Al Quwain University has a vital and important role in managing and developing the university’s media communication. The Centre carries out many activities and tasks related to the fields of media and communication. The following are the most important tasks of the media center at the university:


  1. News coverage: The Center covers all events organized by the university, academic, cultural, or social events, and publishes this coverage on the university’s website and local and national media.
  2. Preparation and Design of Media Materials: The center produces media materials related to the university, such as publications, magazines, brochures, and promotional flyers, and designs them.
  3. Publishing News: All news and events related to the university are published on the university’s social media sites and on its website, in addition to being published in other media.
  4. Supervision of media content: The center supervises the content published on social media sites and the university’s website, and ensures that it complies with recognized media standards and principles.
  5. Marketing and Promotion: The Center undertakes the task of enhancing the university’s reputation and increasing its attractiveness to potential students by participating in marketing and promotion strategies, as it works to implement activities aimed at increasing awareness of the university and attracting future students.
  6. Maintaining the visual identity: The center contributes to preserving the university’s visual identity, including the colors, logo, and general design, and ensures the uniformity of their use in all media materials issued by the university.


In general, Media Center at Umm Al Quwain University is the body unit responsible for managing and coordinating media relations and communication for the benefit of the university. It works to strengthen relations with various parties and enhance the university’s image as a distinguished educational institution in the United Arab Emirates.


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