Professional Development

A workshop to UAQU faculty members entitled “How to write a Research Fund Proposal?”
(10 Oct. 2019)
A seminar to the faculty members entitled s “Effective Communication Skills in Teaching” 
(12 Sep. 2019)
A workshop on the plagiarism software “URKUND” 
 (3 Oct. 2019) 
Workshops on Learning Management System (Moodle LMS). These workshops were conducted in Arabic & English. They aimed to provide UAQU faculty members with capability to successfully utilize online learning system in teaching process.
(28 Apr. 2019 and 2 May 2019)
A visit to Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (26 Apr. 2019). 
The main goal of the visit was to explore up-to-date references that have direct impact on the professional development of the faculty members.
The faculty members attended a Faculty Development Program entitled “Motivation of Effective Teaching” organized in collaboration with Think Tank Consultancy, Dubai (2018).