A workshop entitled “UAQU Marketing Strategies 2020”  (9 Jan. 2020)
A seminar entitled “The Role of Faculty Member to Apply Education Quality Systems” (14  Nov. 2019)
A workshop about the importance of Scientific Research as a key tool and potential indicator for University Classification (11 July 2019).
Series of Students’ Workshops on Business Research Methods.
 in English  (18 & 20 March 2019) in Arabic (17 & 19 March 2019).
The workshops, conducted in English, included the following topics:
- Business Research Methods and Processes.
- Design and Methodology of  Business Research.
- Academic Project Report Writing.
Workshops, conducted in Arabic, included the following topics:
- Introduction of Humanities Scientific Research and Methodology
- Data analysis and interpretation in Humanities Scientific Research
- Methods and strategies of Humanities Scientific Research